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  1. 1.       Class one rep____ Mrs. Felister Muchiri.
  2. 2.       Class two rep ____ Hyrene Momanyi.
  3. 3.       Class three rep____ Md. Cecilia Waithaka.
  4. 4.       Class four rep____ Md. Leah Njenga.
  5. 5.       Class five rep____ Md. M Ochieng.
  6. 6.       Class six rep____ Mr. David Kuria.
  7. 7.       Class seven rep__ Mr. Paul Wariahe.
  8. 8.       Class eight rep___ Mrs. Alice. Obaga.
  9. 9.       Head teacher____ Mr. Harrison Gitau.
  10. 10.    Deputy Head teacher___ Mrs. Josephine. Olusamu.
  11. 11.    Deputy Head teacher___ Mrs. Phyllis Nderitu.
  12. 12.    Senior teacher ___ Mrs. Jane Kinyua.


The meeting was called in order by the Head teacher at 2.10pm. It started by a word of prayer from Hyrine Momanyi.

The head of the institution then welcomed members into the meeting cordially by greetings then as reminder insisted on punctuality as usual. He then reported that the school had received a disbursement of sh. 277401. 85 in its SIMBA Account i.e. each child had 219.25 multiply by 1265 children to reach the total to be spend. He then stated the vote heads as follows;



A child received sh.62.57 *1265ppls a total of 7951.00 was experienced. Members agreed that sh. 9151 goes t6o supplementary Readers for class threes i.e. lower primary, then the sh. 70,000 be divided among classes that each class utilizes sh.8, 750 each.

SIMSC members were advised again to adhere to orange books in selecting topics to avoid inconveniences. They were also reminded to put much interest in under stocked subjects through the class teacher to be built up.



The head teacher reported that a child was allocated sh. 4.69*1265ppls, to reach a total of sh. 5,932.65.

Members agreed to buy a cello tape, cello phanes staples and staple pins masking tapes. News print, scissors, etc to be used for repair and maintenance of textbooks from the particular vote Head. The head teacher also appreciated the work done by the Deputy Head teacher in charge of the school textbook store i.e. Md. Josephine Olusamu.She was encouraged tom keep up the spirit.


Each child received sh. 90.72, * 1265 a total of sh.  114,760.80 were arrived at. They then agreed unanimously that, upper primary pupils be bought 3 books each i.e. one squared and two single ruled books. Lower primary pupils to be purchased one squared and three single ruled books each.


The Head teacher read out that each child received sh. 31.28 *1265ppls a total of sh. 39,569.00 was reached. Members agreed that, Bibles to be added from this vote head. Lower primary teachers guided by Md. Muchiri, echoed a need of Dictionaries and Kamusi za Kiswahili to be bought for them as they had difficulties when teaching “Tusome Early Literally Programme” lessons. Upper primary classes to be added more revision textbooks like K.C.P.E Mentors Science, K.C.P.E Mentor English, Mentors Math’s, Encyclopedia, Fancy compositions and more dictionaries.


A child received sh. 18.77*1265 totaling to 23, 744.05. Members agreed to purchase stationary e.g., duplicating papers, pens, registers, glue, staplers and dusters etc from this particular vote head.


The members had a reminder that the suppliers to come early morning so as to avoid late distributions.

A member suggested that teachers needed tissue paper which was not supplied in the school. Another teacher Md. Kinyua also requested the head teacher to ask the school committee provide us with a bottle of soda or tea during our SIMSC meeting. Another teacher suggested that members to be relieved after two years to avoid monotony as members. The head teacher acknowledged the suggestion that he would lias with school Management Committee members to take action per there request. The head teacher again encouraged members i.e. teachers to follow up lost textbooks through the class teachers. Lost ones to be replaced early, first term for easy flow of the syllabus and teaching as a whole. There being no more business the meeting ended at 3.25 pm by a closing prayer from Mr. David Kuria.



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